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Algorithmic Tools

These tools are the tangible result of questioning that ranged from “How would I make power tools look if I was making a custom batch?” to “What would happen if a hand drill produced offspring with a Dremel tool?” all the way to speculating on a rejection of human centered design in place of some kind of object-based evolution. Inspired by the objects which I surround myself with and science fiction thinkers such as Stanislaw Lem’s autonomous self-replicating machines of The Invincible, the creation of these objects and the process of working algorithmicly is an ongoing balancing act of taking and relinquishing control in both the major and minute choices. Connected with this complicated role of the maker is an ongoing interest in the utility of customization in the context of the consumer as a designer and the use of computer-aided manufacturing. 

The generative algorithm developed for the creation of these tools operates similarly to a complex math equation or piece of code that passes variable parameters through itself to produce new digital 3D geometry in the form of power tool bodies. For this work, those parameters are pieces of 3D geometry that represent components such as power supplies,  drill chucks, switches, triggers, etc. While those components are sourced from or directly inspired by regular power tools, the new tools which are produced provide at least an unclear sense of utility if not more suggestive potential purposes.

While the first edition of this work was produced in 2021 it has continued to grow and be improved over the last few years with a full set of 12 resin casting taken from the original 3D prints for UKAI Projects' Carnival of Algorithmic Culture in the summer of 2023 to allow for visitors to handle the work.

Algorithmic Tools
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